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Marc’s the newest love appeal may help him turn over a special leaf

Cliff are Marc’s ex lover-boyfriend. He or she is a professional photographer and you can flick enthusiast, which united nations-trendy ‘nice guy’ is just what Marc’s been searching to own during the a critical dating. Though its relationship begins a tiny rough because Marc cancels their date to go away which have an underwear design, Marc fundamentally determines Cliff along the design. Both have emerged on the 5th episode of the following year enjoying Psycho together and you may holding hands. Marc and you will Cliff break up once Marc cheats on the Cliff.

Betty Suarez [ ]

He constantly mocks Betty (he has got grabbed their own bang-ups for the mobile following proclaims “I believe I just discover my personal the newest display screen-saver!” after getting, plus clothed once the her for Halloween night and then he nearly had a raise out-of Wilhelmina white man and Give women, which after that quickly altered their particular brain shortly after saying she can hardly stand viewing brand new “real” one), for as long as he cannot endure Betty’s wrath due to the fact she has threatened him which have a Queens-concept conquering. She’s got plus endangered Marc one to she will introduce his own web page (which have revealing photos of himself) after she noticed his monitor-saver shrine to help you Betty along with her accidents; he erased all of them instantly. Betty actually shortly after cheated Marc to your due their particular a prefer because of the giving your the new coveted Gucci handbag the guy wanted throughout the Means drawer. It really turned into a hit-away from and you will Marc won’t has actually admitted it had been phony as it might have suggested Betty ripped off your. Has just, not, he hinted the guy likes Betty more than he lets towards the, informing their own “you can be my personal absolutely nothing chimichanga.”

Justin Suarez [ ]

Justin try Betty’s nephew. When Justin stumbled on their particular work environment Marc seemed to like Justin, even giving him advice on speaking about bullies and complimenting him on the their clothing. He and made Justin feel much better throughout the their father’s death. But once pretending at this point Betty, he decided not to contemplate which Justin try, and accidently thinking he had been Betty’s young buck, at which Justin has to best your a few times. Towards the end of series Justin leans on the Marc on the their relationships facts. Marc stands because of the Justin to your their excursion out of coming-out because the gay. It wasn’t until Hilda’s relationship, that the whole friends in the long run spotted Justin moving together with boyfriend, Austin.

Christina McKinney [ ]

Christina is actually a beneficial seamstress at Means. Christina features a love-hate competition which have Marc, with who she always bickers, mainly on account of their particular functions. Throughout the 10th episode she told “Santa claus” she wishes that Marc had “. Courage” as she understands how cowardly Marc are, especially about the Wilhelmina. It shaped an informal truce within the 15th event (“Derailed”) whenever Christina required aid in making an Oscar-deserving clothe themselves in one night, just to get the chance shed from the a manipulative Wilhelmina. Marc wound-up seeking morale Christina more this incident because of the telling their particular it “Becomes easier”. During this short-term tell you away from compassion the guy reveals a part recommending the guy will not including the one thing Wilhelmina can make him would possibly, and so doing a link between himself and you may Christina.

Alexis Meade [ ]

Alexis are new Co-Editor-In-Captain out-of Setting. It absolutely was when Alexis is Alex, Marc got a break towards your ahead of Daniel’s brother changed genders. The guy forgotten attention immediately following Alexis’ get back. It revelation is checked during the a removed scene on the Season step 1 Dvd.

Henry Grubstick [ ]

Henry is actually the latest accountant during the Meade Publications. And Amanda, Marc loves to torture him, particularly when it requires Betty or when they consult their paychecks. if they dont survive his wrath (while they performed from inside the “Betty’s Waiting Condition”). The guy together with described Henry as the that have “body karate” an additional episode, when he displayed a portable image he took away from him so you can Amanda, to ensure Betty the guy “very didn’t look”.

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