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We provide a full range of tax services for both business and individuals across Zimbabwe. We are here to take care of every aspect of your personal or business needs, so that you never have to sit and stress about deadlines ever again.


-Memorandum of association

-Certificate of incorporation


-Cr 5

-Certified identify documents for at least two directors

-Certified identify document for the public officer

-Proof of residency for the directors and the public officer in the form of a utility bill

If they don’t own  property of residency it should supported by an affidavit

-Company bank statement

Public officers’s bank statement

-Articles of association


The Companies Registry doesn’t  automatically notify the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) when a company is registered, therefore as soon as your business has been set up, you should register with ZIMRA for your tax obligations.

All companies must register for and meet their tax obligations to ZIMRA on all forms of taxable income – this includes Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT). As soon as you register for income tax you are issued a BP number and a tax clearance.


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