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Private Limited Company or PLC

is the common company in Zimbabwe. It’s mainly useful if you intend to separate the shareholders and the directors.


Private Business Corporation or PBC

is lesser known but encourages especially for sole proprietors and small companies who want to start trading.


Security company

it is literally mandatory to register your security guards company as a Private Limited Company (PLC)

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Proposed Company Names (3-5 Names)


Main Objective of the business


Full names of Directors


ID Number of each Director & address


If you are foreigner a Passport Copy is a must.


Business Address / Home Address


Shareholding Percentages


We are able to deliver within 1 to 2 working days.


Private Business Corporation

Incorporation Statement/CR28.
Certificate of incorporation.


Private Limited Company

Certificate of Incorporation
CR 6
Memorandum of Association
Articles of Association


Shelf Company

Buying a Shelf Company is the fastest way to acquire Registered Company Documents.

We keep a range of shelf companies that have never traded and have only been incorporated for resale as an aged company. They are available for immediate use.


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You can use both a PBC and PLC to apply for tenders as you can use both to register for PRAZ and other statutory bodies as they are both legally recognized under company laws in Zmbabwe.

If you are alone without a partner to make a second director, it’s better to register a PBC as opposed to PLC.

When registering a PLC, you need two directors and one shareholder. We have seen clients make their agents or other people shareholders because they were misinformed.


If you are ready to get your company registered, we are here to help you get that done. Here are the advantages of working with us.

We are the most experienced business consultants in Zimbabwe. We have helped over 5 000 entrepreneurs who were starting their businesses.

We will give you free business advisory in addition to registering your company.

We have a turnaround time of only 1 day, the fastest in the industry.


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