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An application letter typed from one of the company’s directors and on the company’s letterhead. The following must be included in the application letter


Registered name of the company.

Physical Address of the company.

Postal Address of the company.

Name of company’s bank,branch and account number.

Contact person from the company.

Position of the contact person in the company.


The issue of shares allotment is essentially the process by which companies pass on shares to shareholders from the share reserve, who may themselves be new or existing shareholders. Companies can allot shares to both individuals and corporate bodies.

Details of share allotment need to be updated on the Companies Registry. We offer a professional service for clients who wish to allot shares, including the filing of the Companies Registry forms and all other paperwork necessary to keep your company records up-to-date and compliant.


File search and statutory report.

Companies Registry fee.

Minutes: Companies are required by Companies and Other Companies Act (24:31) to maintain minutes of all meetings of the directors and for these to be available for the inspection by any director. The director(s) should pass minutes to allot shares.

Updated register of members.

Updated current annual return.

Return of allotment.


Every private limited company in Zimbabwe must file an annual return at the Companies Registry on an annual basis.

The annual return provides the Companies Registry with up-to-date information on a company’s registered office address, the address at which the register of members is kept, the number of shares in the company, the number of issued shares, directors and secretary(s) in office and auditors.

ZCR provides an annual return preparation and filing service, which will ensure you keep your company legal and compliant. There are late filing penalties for a annual returns, and your company will be struck from the company register if it is not filed.


-your registered office



-share capital and number

-shares taken

It is mandatory to file an annual return once a year. Don’t confuse the annual return with your company’s annual and tax return – they’re completely separate and won’t usually be filed at the same time.