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Security Company


There are some key things you must consider or adhere to in starting this business. As I usually recommend, you must register your security company; here it is a must! In Zimbabwe, it is literally mandatory to register your security guards company as a Private Limited Company (PLC) –. That has to be coupled with signing up for Tax Clearance –

Then you have to get insured – any reputable insurance company will guide you accordingly. A license and certificate of approval are needed – to be obtained from Home Affairs. There are about 10 requirements needed to be able to get those two items. They are registration documents, tax clearance, insurance, bank statement, police clearances, curriculum vitae,  passport size photos, one or more directors must have related experience (from e.g. police, army, prison services, central intelligence, and so on). An application fee will also be required.


The security industry in Zimbabwe is a multi-million dollar industry. If you are thinking of investing in this industry then this guide is for you. This article will show you steps on how to register a security company in Zimbabwe including all the mandatory statutory registrations you need to start and run a fully compliant security business.


Register your company as a Private Limited Company. The requirements needed by the various organisations that issue licences and certificates require a security company to be registered as a PLC.


Register with ZIMRA to obtain ITF263 tax clearance certificate. This is needed as proof that your tax position is satisfactory with the revenue authority.


Public liability insurance cover from any of registered insurance companies is needed to make good any loss resulting from misconduct or negligence on the part of the company or any of it’s employees.


As part of the process to register a security company, you need to apply for a security guard’s licence and a certificate of approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Certified copies of the following company papers: Certificate of incorporation, CR, CR14 and Memorandum & Articles of Association with a clause specific for security guards and/or private investigation services.
Valid tax clearance certificate.
Valid public liability cover from an insurance company.
Bank statement with at least $10,000.00 balance (amount subject to change regularly).
Directors must not have any convictions for criminal offences over the past 10 years.
Police clearance and vetted fingerprints for all directors listed on the CR14.
2 copies of CVs for all directors listed on the CR14.
2 passport size photos for all directors listed on the CR14.
At least one director must have 5 or more years experience in the security industry e.g. in the Police, Army, Prison service, CIO or Private security.
Application fee of $120 (amount subject to change regularly


ZAPS requirements
A copy of the following company papers: Certificate of incorporation, CR6 and CR14.
Valid Ministry of Home Affairs licence.
Valid ITF263 tax clearance.
Valid public liability insurance cover.


Our NSSA registration service enables you to easily register with NSSA and also helps with monthly returns. NSSA registration is compulsory in Zimbabwe and is needed for pension and workers compensation insurance.


Our ZIMDEF registration service allow you to register conveniently and help with monthly ZIMDEF returns. ZIMDEF registration is compulsory in Zimbabwe and is needed for manpower development.


Our NEC registration service offer assistance with registering with the NEC for the Security Industry and help with monthly NEC returns. NEC registration is compulsory in Zimbabwe. The various NECs are responsible for settling employer/employee disputes, collective bargaining for the industry and for setting industry minimum wages.


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