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B. Smyth, Master Gay, Captain and Mrs

Nov. 11th.-At Council meeting Mr. E. H. L. Preston suggested and you will Mr. bulgarsk mannlige ordrebruder Worship seconded, Charles J. Palmer, Esq., since Mayor for the ensuing season, and then he try selected to this workplace rather than opposition.

Nov. eighteenth.-The Mayor (C. J. Palmer, Esq.), had given notes getting an entertainment from the Town Hall for the the latest 30th inst.

The fresh “Subscribers,” London area passenger steamer, Chief Dawson, ended up being lost on Northern Mud. She is actually an incredibly dated watercraft, therefore is reported that this should was their particular last voyage when the zero collision got happened to help you their unique; she is actually totally covered.

An excellent poll was taken up issue of one’s creation from an effective “Burial Board,” if voting for the first day are-

30th.-The fresh East Norfolk Militia being forever embodied, got build underneath the order out of Colonel Mason, but the Norfolk Soldiers Artillery was not titled up.

Several highest bundles out-of enjoying clothes was sent because of the ladies’ of the urban area with the use of the troops within the the fresh Crimea.


Jan. sixth.-There are a high wave and you may big ton; 130 meters of your own rails anywhere between Yarmouth and you will Reedham was caught up by the second.

p. 197 Another men is selected once the Collection Committee.-The brand new pton, Rev. H. Squire, and you may Messrs. B. Fenn, Roentgen. R. B. Norman, J. Bayly, and you will S. C. Burton.

At System Lenders’ Festival 400 individuals got partaken of beverage within Priory. They were handled of the Rev. G. Mountains, Rev. Grams. W. Grogan or other household members.

Jan. twentieth.-Sixty significantly more dudes got volunteered about East Norfolk Soldiers having new range, and make all in all, 3 hundred of these volunteers in all.

Pickpockets remained at the office. A female was robbed from the included in this on the Market Line away from 8s. 6d., and you will Mrs. Rod, out-of Burgh Palace, had sustained a loss of ?2 17s. along these lines.

Jan. 27th.-This new Norfolk Guns Military had developed,-156 low-accredited officials and you can dudes, on the following officers: Master Astley, Lieutenants Penrice, Tredcroft and North, Adjutant Gilberton, and you will Physician C. C. Aldred. Lord Hastings hadn’t but really registered them.


The Rev. Bowyer Vaux had revealed for the Medical Committee that Scientific Collection of later Mr. Harry Worship was made available to one Institution.

The newest Southern area-quay try banned because of the coal carts close to the City Hall, and higher problems becoming generated regarding it it actually was ideal one the newest colliers is empty within a bigger an element of the quay.

Feb. twenty-first.-The brand new Membership Basketball got went to by Gran and Mrs. Charles Palmer, Lieutenant-Colonel Mason, brand new Honourable Mr. Harbord, Mr. Astley, Mr. Graver Brownish, Mrs. Elizabeth. Graver Brownish, Reverend An effective. Rippingall, Head and you can Mrs. Mathew, Head, Mrs., and you will Miss Pearson, Mr. and you can Mrs. Meadwell, Mr., Mrs., and you may Miss E. H. L. Preston, Mr., Mrs., and Skip Marsh, Mr., Mrs., and the Misses Steward, Mr. and you will Miss Chevallier, Mr. and you can Mrs. Freeman, Mr. and Mrs. Ferrier, Mr. Smith, (Eastern Norfolk Troops) Mr. Smyth (Eastern Norfolk Soldiers) and Mrs. Smyth, Mr. Palgrave, Mr. and the Misses Hairdresser, Mr. Boycott, Mr. Force, Mr. Aldred, Mr. Eyre, &c., &c.

A conference was kept towards relief of the worst, the brand new Mayor presided, additionally the Rev. G. Hills, and you will Messrs. Roentgen. Hammond, Age. H. L. Preston, T. Brightwen, S. Dowson, Roentgen. Steward, Roentgen. Ferrier, and you can W. N. Burroughs took part in the proceedings. Mr. George Danby-Palmer sent ?ten to the loans, and most ?two hundred ended up being built-up from the room.

Feb. 24th.-Full power to act while the a Burial Panel is vested in the Area Council, therefore the after the Panel of the looks appointed to look at new Operate:-This new Mayor, and you can Messrs. Roentgen. Ferrier, F. Worship, E. R. Aldred, W. N. Burroughs, J. Jackson, C. Age. Bartram, P. Pullyn, and you can T. Foreman.

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